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  • I live in Ebola. I infect it with Bunny.
  • My occupation is Saying "Hell" to My Catholic Friend.
  • I am a Bunny
  • Bunny1002

    Bunny TV Day 3

    August 20, 2016 by Bunny1002

    Bunny1002: Welcome back to Bunny TV! Today we have some special things to talk about, so lets get started.

    Time: 10:39

    Yesterday we caught Grape the skeleton singing on camera!

    • I-I was f-fine,

    • With t-t-t-the wo-woman, who'd c-come in-into Grey's life now a-and then,

    • I w-w-was fin-fine,

    • 'c-cause I-I thought I kn-knew,

    • sh-she di-din't really m-matter,

    • u-until...y-you,

    • I was fi-fine,

    • when you came,

    • and we fought like it was all some littl*error*e game,

    • over him,

    • w-who'd he choose,

    • after the three adventurous years,

    • I

    • never thought I'd...

    • lose.

    • I-it's over, is-isn't it?

    • error*
    • It's over, i-isn't it?

    • Isn't it?

    • Isn't it ov*error*er?

    • I-i-i-i-it's o-over,

    • isn't it?

    • Isn-Isn't over?

    • Isn't it over?

    • Yo-you won,

    • and G-grey cho-choose you,

    • and h-he...l*error*oved you...

    • and h-he's g…

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  • Bunny1002

    Bunny TV Day 2

    August 19, 2016 by Bunny1002

    Bunny1002: Hello Users and Gentle-Users and welcome to our second day of new shows and episodes! Today we will have our news and weather, but.... *drum roll* WE HAVE A GUEST STAR! *clapping track* But... You will have to wait for the end of our program. *boo-ing track*

    Time: 11:18

    Tommy: Hello and welcome to the news. As you may remember yesterday Timmy was killed by sheep. So Sad.

    Tommy: So my dad, Tom told me to take over my brothers job. The sheep are still loose and may run into a cheese nugget fish fish. Killing us all. So now we have two reasons to worry. If you are in these place then evacuate: The Secret City of Crystal, The Inbernet Kingdom, Mt. Ebott, All FNAF like locations and in between them all. So stay out of those areas and ma…

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  • Bunny1002

    Bunny TV

    August 18, 2016 by Bunny1002

    Mettaton: Hello beauties and gentle-beauties and welcome to Mettaton Tonight!!!!1!

     *Throws off costume*

    Bunny1002: It was me.... and also as I type this it's 10:26 in the morning.

    Bunny1002: But let's cut to the news.

    Timmy: Today in the ghost town of the secret wiki a building called "Sheep attack" is now missing a wall due to sheep breaking free. On other news, a giant banana that looks like an orange is coming to destroy the town. if you live in these locations be carefu- *sheep kill Timmy*

    Time: 10:36

    Bobby: there will be popularity storms in these places: Brutal Who AU, Sheep attack, Welcome to the Black Phoenix, I like peanutz, Ender De Ulf Ving, Joachim Ulf Ving, and Chez with a Fez Fez. There will also be a snow storm at Town Center. Al…

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