Mettaton: Hello beauties and gentle-beauties and welcome to Mettaton Tonight!!!!1!

 *Throws off costume*

Bunny1002: It was me.... and also as I type this it's 10:26 in the morning.

Bunny1002: But let's cut to the news.

Secret Wiki News

Timmy: Today in the ghost town of the secret wiki a building called "Sheep attack" is now missing a wall due to sheep breaking free. On other news, a giant banana that looks like an orange is coming to destroy the town. if you live in these locations be carefu- *sheep kill Timmy*

Time: 10:36

Secret Wiki Weather

Bobby: there will be popularity storms in these places: Brutal Who AU, Sheep attack, Welcome to the Black Phoenix, I like peanutz, Ender De Ulf Ving, Joachim Ulf Ving, and Chez with a Fez Fez. There will also be a snow storm at Town Center. Also giant banana named grape is gonna kill us all.

Time: 10:44

Guest Interview

Bunny1002: This week we have none, but you can comment if you want to be interviewed! No personal info will be asked.

Time: 10:54

Bunny1002 (talk) 15:55, August 18, 2016 (UTC)

Note: I edited it. Bunny1002 (talk) 16:23, August 18, 2016 (UTC) Time:11:23

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